Areas of Practice

Construction Disputes

  • Construction Liens
  • Bond Claims
  • Fee Disputes
  • Tendering Disputes
  • Malpractice Claims

Ongoing construction and development are an essential element of business and community life in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Unfortunately, so too are disputes and conflicts arising from construction. Property owners, construction firms, building suppliers and contractors, and construction managers, contractors, and subcontractors are among the broad spectrum of businesses and professionals who turn to Owen Bird’s construction dispute lawyers in these circumstances.

Members of our construction disputes practice litigate cases involving liens, bond claims, fee disputes, trust fund claims, construction damage and delay matters, tendering disputes, and the malpractice claims arising from architectural and engineering work. We litigate these and many other construction-related claims at all levels of courts and administrative tribunals, as well as in private and public arbitration processes.

When a trial is unnecessary or not in our clients’ interests, however, we also carry out negotiations and reach settlements to disputes to save our clients time and money that would otherwise be spent on the traditional litigation process. We understand that the most important consideration for our clients is to resolve their current dispute and allow them to re-focus their attention on the construction or development project at hand.