Areas of Practice

Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Disputes
  • Contracts
  • Speed
  • Control
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation

Arbitration and mediation (the principal types of ADR) continue to grow in popularity with businesses of all types seeking speedy, confidential, and cost-effective ways to resolve a wide range of disputes with the assurance of knowledgeable decision-makers. The internationally recognized lawyers of Owen Bird’s alternative dispute resolution group provide our clients with the advice and direction they need to identify and use the best available alternatives to the traditional court process.

In British Columbia, the arbitration of commercial disputes is commonly conducted under the Domestic Commercial Arbitration Rules of Procedure or, for disputes with trans-border or trans-jurisdictional aspects, the International Commercial Arbitration Rules of Procedure. Owen Bird’s lawyers are well-versed with both of these regimes and regularly represent clients across a wide range of industries in arbitrations ranging from relatively small disputes to large, complex, multi-million dollar cases.

More and more frequently, contracts, leases and other agreements also require the parties to resolve disputes by mediation or arbitration. In addition to acting on their behalf within an arbitration or mediation, Owen Bird’s ADR practitioners also provide our clients with forward-looking guidance and advice in formulating agreements to arbitrate or mediate, in order to ensure that their best interests are protected in the event of any commercial dispute.