Areas of Practice

Aboriginal Law

  • Land Claims
  • Compensation
  • Resources
  • Joint Ventures
  • Consultation

Owen Bird’s Aboriginal law practice group has been directly involved as counsel in several decisions that have both confirmed and changed the state of indigenous law in British Columbia and Canada. Our clients are the direct beneficiaries of our unique courtroom experience and perspective: because our lawyers helped change the law, we can successfully navigate the complex legal trails these changes have created.

We primarily represent clients in land use and natural resource development disputes that involve First Nations and constitutional matters. Municipalities and real estate development companies engaged in consultation and accommodation disputes with First Nations also retain Owen Bird’s Aboriginal law practitioners for our extensive experience with negotiating, litigating, and settling such matters.

Indigenous clients retain our Aboriginal law practice group for assistance completing transactions and resolving disputes with and within First Nations, as well as for strategic advice on corporate and real estate matters in conjunction with other practice areas in our firm. We also advise on Band management issues, lending, establishing new businesses, and other business transactions involving First Nations.