COVID-19: I Can’t Get Two Witnesses for My Will, Help!

UPDATE – this post is now out of date. Please see our updated post of May 21, 2020

As discussed in a previous post on this blog; while some other provinces have relaxed the in-person witnessing requirements for estate planning documents at this time, British Columbia has not. If you get creative, will-makers can fulfil these requirements while still respecting social distancing protocols. However, for those required to self-isolate strict compliance will be impossible. They simply won’t be able to execute their Will in the presence of two witnesses. What’s a would-be will-maker to do?

Will-makers can take some comfort in the fact in British Columbia the court can order that a document which represents the testamentary intentions of a deceased be recognized as an effective Will even if it is not formally valid.

In doing so, the court’s analysis is fact-specific. The document needs to be authenticated and must record a deliberate or fixed and final expression of the deceased’s intention as to the disposal of their property. Generally speaking, the more the document looks and sounds like a Will, and the closer it complies with the formal validity requirements of a Will, the more likely it is to be recognized.

So if execution of a Will in the presence of two witnesses is impossible due to quarantine, or otherwise unsafe, so long as the would-be Will expresses the deceased’s testamentary intent it could still be recognized on their death. This does, however, involve considerable uncertainty and expense. Will-makers should try to comply with the formal validity requirements to the extent possible and note the extenuating circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic in their Will. Those who put together a “make-do” Last Will and Testament during the COVID-19 crisis should attend to having it properly executed as soon as possible after the crisis has abated.

Legal services are an essential service and remain available during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Georgia Barnard

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