Employment Inquiries

Resumes for administrative staff (non-lawyer) positions at Owen Bird Law Corporation should be forwarded to our Director of Human Resources and Administration.

Owen Bird actively builds its team around a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion (“EDI”) that reflects the unique backgrounds of all our firm members. Read more about our approach to EDI and current initiatives.

Current Opportunities

  • No opportunities at this time.


We follow the deadlines and interview schedules set out in the VBA Student Recruitment Guidelines.

Download this PDF for an overview of our firm, opportunities for our students and the application process.

Owen Bird is presently accepting applications for an intermediate/senior commercial solicitor associate.

Applications may be forwarded to our Associates/Articling Students Committee,

The lawyers at Owen Bird share a common practice philosophy. We strive for excellence in our practice but attempt to do so in an environment that is relaxed and enjoyable. We believe that there is more to life than the practice of law, and all lawyers and students are encouraged to live balanced lives.

While our shareholder/associate ratio of roughly 2:1 may appear high, it reflects our belief that associates should be invited to join as a shareholder once they have demonstrated sound judgment and attained a requisite level of experience and skill.

Firm Management

The management of the firm is democratic, not hierarchical. The worth of the individual is reflected in the fact that, in spite of our size, we continue to make major policy decisions after seeking the input of all.

Social Activities

We do not have as many organized social events as do some firms. Our strength lies in the way in which we socialize on an informal basis.

There are, however, certain annual social events designed to foster Firm spirit and friendship. There is an annual holiday party, a summer party and a bi-annual weekend retreat for lawyers and students. We have informal sports teams which everyone is welcome to join.

Library Facilities & Technology

The Firm has a comprehensive library which includes up to date computer research facilities and has one full-time librarian. Lawyers and students have easy access to online research sources including Quicklaw Advance and Westlaw Canada Next (Best Case Library) and other internet based services.

Other Unique Features of Our Firm

We reward results and efficiency through our remuneration system. Senior associates are given the option to participate in an incentive system which gives them an opportunity to earn more than their contemporaries elsewhere. Our shareholders are compensated, to a significant extent, according to performance rather than seniority.

Salaries & Benefits

We pay top-tier salaries that are competitive with other major Vancouver law firms. In addition, our associates are covered by a benefit package which includes B.C. medical benefits, group life and disability insurance, extended health and dental coverage, and a parental leave policy. The Firm pays the practice fees and liability insurance premiums for all lawyers. As mentioned above, senior associates participate in our “incentive” program which is a financial bonus system unique among law firms. Students and lawyers are encouraged to attend Continuing Legal Education courses and other legal seminars at the Firm’s expense.


Owen Bird looks for well-rounded, self-motivated individuals who possess sound judgment, solid work ethic and good inter-personal skills. We are attracted to individuals who demonstrate the personal qualities which are likely to make them compatible members of our Firm.

Areas of Practice

Owen Bird provides its associates and students with exposure to practice in many areas, including specialized fields not commonly found in other firms. One of our features is our unique client base. In addition to general corporate clients and financial institutions, we act for:

  • television and radio stations
  • software developers
  • internet service providers
  • insurance companies
  • motor carrier companies
  • stevedoring firms
  • construction companies
  • real estate developers
  • investment dealers
  • senior corporate executives
  • communications companies

Our students are given the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of transactions under the supervision of senior lawyers. Specifically, they become involved in all facets of the transaction, including client interviews, preparation of documentation, negotiations, meetings and closings.

Some of our areas of practice include:

  1. General Corporate/Commercial
    We provide a full range of corporate and commercial legal advice to a wide variety of clients from the small business entrepreneur to the large multinational corporation.
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions
    We are involved in major business acquisitions and takeovers, corporate reorganizations, mergers and liquidations, and have acted as counsel on some of the major government privatizations in British Columbia. The services we provide include negotiating, structuring, planning the financing of, and ultimately completing the transaction.
  3. Real Estate, Resort and Municipal
    We handle a wide variety of property transactions from residential conveyances to sophisticated residential and commercial real estate developments.
  4. Taxation
    Our tax lawyers provide tax advice on all matters relating to personal and corporate tax, estate planning, the taxation of trusts and partnerships. They are also involved in the tax aspects of corporate acquisitions, reorganizations and security issues.
  5. Financial Services
    Our Firm has experience in all aspects of insolvency, bankruptcy, receivership and foreclosures. We also represent banks and other financial institutions in the preparation of loan agreements and security documents.
  6. Securities
    We act in all aspects of securities transactions for issuers, brokers and underwriters, from obtaining financing to preparing the prospectus and meeting all Stock Exchange listing requirements.
  7. Wealth Preservation
    The Wealth Preservation Practice Group consists of six lawyers with extensive experience in all aspects of Wills, Trusts, Tax and Estate Planning, Estate Administration and Estate Litigation. We act for several banks and trust companies in this area.
  8. Intellectual Property, Internet and Technology
    Our lawyers provide services respecting copyright trademark and trade secret law to clients in the high-technology sector. We advise on registration, licensing, acquisition and transfer of intellectual property, and enforcement of their rights. We draft and negotiate agreements concerning software, product licensing, distribution, franchising, trademark licensing, and computer and telecommunications systems acquisition and confidentiality.

Approximately one-half of our practice is litigation related. Our students have personal conduct of a number of less complicated files where they maintain contact with clients and other counsel with a minimum of supervision. In addition, they have the opportunity to assist senior counsel on more sophisticated matters.

Some areas of practice include:

  1. General litigation
    We deal with complex litigation in all courts in British Columbia and Alberta, and the Federal and Supreme Courts of Canada. We have particular expertise in the areas of commercial and corporate disputes, maritime claims, labour and employment matters, construction-related claims, personal injuries, insurance claims, foreclosures and receivership, municipal disputes, intellectual property and estates.
  2. Employment
    We advise both employers and employees on all facets of the employment relationship, from the preparation of the employment contract through to termination of the employment relationship and wrongful dismissal claims.
  3. Insurance
    We act for many insurers located in Canada, the United States, Japan and England. The cases range from significant property, business interruption and boiler and machinery claims to construction risk claims to product and premises liability claims.
  1. Labour
    Our lawyers appear at labour hearings at both the Provincial and Federal levels. In addition, we negotiate collective agreements, appear at arbitrations and provide advice on the interpretation of collective agreements and legislation.
  2. Transportation
    The Firm represents several major transport clients, notably courier, bus and trucking businesses. We deal with the complex regulatory environment faced by these companies, as well as with their corporate and commercial concerns, labour and employment matters and litigation, including cargo claims.
  3. Media and Communications
    We are one of the very few firms in British Columbia with experience in media broadcasting and communications law. We handle regulatory issues as well as commercial and litigation matters for a number of television and radio stations and industry-related associations.