About Owen Bird

Owen Bird Law Corporation (“Owen Bird”) is a full-service mid-sized law firm located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Owen Bird’s Clients Are Entrepreneurs

To serve clients well, Owen Bird has recruited bright, energetic, motivated lawyers. We close deals, win cases and get the job done. Our Principals take a hands-on approach to their practices. Our lawyers are leaders in their fields. We understand clients’ needs — the best result at the least cost. We are compensated fairly, for the work we perform and the result we get, not simply the time it takes to get it. Owen Bird remembers your bottom line.

Reliable Professional Service

Owen Bird’s first objective has always been to meet the goal of reliable professional service. Everyone in the firm seeks to provide outstanding service and produce the best result for our clients. With our diverse skills, we solve problems and achieve goals in an appropriate way — through negotiation, arbitration, litigation or whatever best suits our clients’ needs. Determining those needs and how to meet them is what we do best.

The Practice of Law is the Art of Solving Problems

We find practical solutions to problems, simple or complex. More importantly, we anticipate and prevent problems. Our collective experience allows us to do this well.

Our Affiliations


Owen Bird is the only British Columbia member of Interlaw, an international network of full service law firms in more than 120 cities worldwide. To find out more about this affiliation, read this introduction and Q&A.

Chambers Canada 2019 recognizes Interlaw as “Elite” top tier global law firm network, underscoring its potential benefit as a value added service offered by Owen Bird to its clients. Through Interlaw, Owen Bird lawyers have personal relationships with lawyers around the world that are ready to quickly and expertly assist Owen Bird clients with their national and international requirements.

Interlawyers are fluent in the rules, laws, customs and language of their own jurisdiction as well as in English, and many hold advanced legal degrees from internationally regarded universities and law schools. There is never a fee for referral between Interlaw member firms and every Interlaw member will extend “Best Client” status to network clients. Criteria for membership include impeccable ethical standards, reputation for excellence, client responsiveness, expertise in legal representation, transparency in billing, technological capabilities and shared core values.