Blog: February 2022

Owen Bird Wishes to Introduce a New Chair and Vice-Chair to its DICI Committee

The Diversity, Inclusion and Community Involvement Committee is thrilled to introduce you to its new Chair, Heather Maconachie, and Vice-Chair, Georgia Barnard!

Heather joined DICI last year while Georgia has been a member since DICI’s inception and both are keen to continue championing for diversity and inclusion at Owen Bird in their new roles.

Heather’s wealth of experience in media law upholding journalists’ freedom of expression rights goes hand-in-hand with her new role as DICI Chair as she has the skills to advocate for and uplift the voices of folks who come from varying backgrounds and bring…

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Brian Cheng Interviews Bencher Gurminder Sandhu on FACL BC Podcast

Brian Cheng, a member of the board of directors of the Federation of Asian Canadian Lawyers (FACL) of B.C., is guest host of a mini-series of FACL’s podcast episodes and will be interviewing select senior members of the bar.

In his first podcast episode, Brian Cheng interviews Gurminder Sandhu, partner at Hamilton Duncan and recently elected Bencher of the LSBC. Gurminder recounts his experience as a senior litigator with over 21 years of legal practice. As a husband and father of three children, Gurminder shares his insight on developing a new practice area, maintaining work-life balance and…

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Defamation in BC Webinar with Dan Coles

On March 29, 2022, Dan Coles will be presenting a free webinar on Defamation in BC through Peoples Law School.

When someone posts a hurtful comment about another person online, is this defamation? If it happens to you, what are your rights and how do you protect them? And what happens if you’re the one accused of defamation? Can you be made to pay money or sent to jail? Dan will answer common questions about defamation, including what it is and what you can do about it.

Peoples Law School is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the…