Blog: April 2021

Effect of Marriage on your Will

In British Columbia, it used to be the case that a Will made prior to marriage was automatically revoked on the marriage of the will-maker. However, since the Wills, Estates and Succession Act came into force in 2014, marriage no longer has this effect in our province.

Seven years later, Ontario is following suit. A bill repealing the section of Ontario’s Succession Law Reform Act which set out that a will was revoked by marriage received royal asset on April 19, 2021.

These changes reflect the modern world, where increasing numbers of people in Canada have children from prior relationships…

St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation Future Leaders – PIXEL Moments

Owen Bird is proud to be a donor and supporter of the St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation Future Leaders PIXEL Moments.  This week, the interactive augmented reality art mural came to life in the heart of downtown Vancouver, on the corner of Granville and W. Georgia.

The response we have seen throughout this campaign is a strong reminder that no one is impervious to mental health suffering. Together, the campaign has successfully raised $299,416 for St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation for mental health resources.

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